Put Your Metal Woods to Work Around the Greens

Greg Ellis
Great Golf Academy
Goodyear, AZ

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Recently, while playing in a Southwest Section PGA event, I found myself in a situation that called for a specialty shot that ultimately has become a part of my shot making selection. I needed to stroke a putt with my metal wood from a position off the green. The additional loft on the club and the low center of gravity are integral to this shot. Follow these few steps to learn the metal wood putt: 

The shot distance for the sake of this tip will be three feet off the green.

  Either the 3 wood or 5 wood loft will work very well. I prefer the 5 wood for this shot.

  The ball position will be slightly back in the stance. Weight should be on the front foot. Choke down the grip of the club. The intention of this shot is to keep the ball on top of the grass, rolling rather than bouncing through the grass. Line up the golf shot as if the shot was on the green. Consider the grain, speed of the green, the distance of the shot and the intended target line.

  Knowing that the length of this club will make the shot travel a further distance, it will be important to gauge the distance properly. Make a couple of practice swings to feel the distance and begin to visualize the golf shot. The stroke is low back and the follow through is low and the same length as the backstroke. The sole of the club should be flat on the ground.

  The hands, arms and shoulders work as one unit. This will keep the swing under control. When the swing begins, make sure that the clubhead moves away from the ball on the proper swing path. The forward swing is initiated with the hands, arms and shoulders rotating back toward the ball as one unit. The hands leading through the shot first. The follow through should be low to the ground and the same pace through the shot as the backswing. With the hands passing the ball prior to the clubhead, the ball has more opportunity get on top of the grass and roll down the intended target line toward the hole.

Many players have made this shot extremely popular on the PGA Tour. This shot works when you are undecided on whether to putt or chip. Practice this shot and have fun knocking down the flag with this knock down shot. Work this shot into your playbook today.

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