Arizona Golfer’s Sincere Gratitude to Our Dedicated Team

All of you contributed your exceptional talents and so many years to the success of Arizona Golfer and you have been and always will be truly appreciated. You are the people who made Arizona Golfer prosper as well as inform the Arizona Golfing Community for 27½ years. Thank You!

   Shelly Webb – Artist Extraordinaire. Nancy’s “Little Genius” for over 15 years.

  Jeff and Kathy (departed) Wada – Phoenix/Maricopa County Distribution 

  Sandra E. Lietzau – Tucson/Pima County Distribution 

  UPS Store #1453 in Goodyear, AZ – Doug & Rowena Johnson and their team – Northern Arizona Distribution of Arizona Golfer

  West Valley Printing – Mike Jacobs, Rob Giarraputo and Donny Jacobs along with their team of exceptional pressmen

  Big Marlin Group – John Allen and Derek Watkins and their amazing Team

  eCOG Media – Casey Landreth – website/ebook distribution 

Special Recognition and Sincere Gratitude to our Arizona Golfer columnists for your outstanding instructional and inspirational columns throughout all these years: Greg Ellis, Mark Oswald, Scott Sackett, Kim Anders, Rob Rashell, Tom Velarde and John Stahlschmidt.

Special Recognition and Sincere Gratitude to Communication Links for your continuous contributions, support and friendships for over 25 years: Dave Gilbertson, Mike Petty, Jeff Locke, Jerry Rose, Ryan Woodcock (Woody), Rob Myers and Jonathan Crist and your entire talented team. 

Special Recognition and Sincere Gratitude to Kris Strauss, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Troon, for the many years of friendship, front cover contributions and advertising support you’ve provided to Arizona Golfer for over 25 years. 

Special Recognition and Sincere Gratitude to Troon , OB Sports  and BlueStar Golf & Resort for your continued support. 

Special Recognition and Sincere Gratitude to Alice & Danny Scott for the years of golf adventure contributions as America’s Golfing Couple. And, for years of expertise course reviews (while making the golf rounds pure joy) and for being the most generous and caring friends a person/editor/publisher could ever dream to encounter in a lifetime. 

Special Recognition and Sincere Gratitude to the best golfing buddy/associate and dearest friend…Jean Michel Edery. Growing, learning and experiencing golf with you through all the years has been a true adventure with much laughter. Thank you for taking time to assist me and for sharing your beautiful family with me.

Arizona Golfer would be remiss without offering a special thank you to entrepreneur extraordinaire Tom Draper (departed) for his concept in creating Arizona Golfer along with Jim Clark in 1992. 

A very Special Thank you to my children, Michael and Heather, their better halves and most of all my ‘perfectly perfect granddaughter’ Jessica for your understanding and patience through all the years of holidays and special occasions celebrated early/late or missed due to monthly deadlines. You have and always will complete my life! 

Know this my dear friends…you have all brought me many fabulous golfing adventures, immeasurable golf knowledge and absolute PURE JOY being associated with you. I have been blessed and honored in my life knowing you and the game of golf.

See you all on the fairways! I’ll be the one with the big smile on her face, focusing on the views and wildlife and occasionally on the golf ball!!