Lessons From The Lesson Tee

Scott Sackett
Director of Instruction
McCormick Ranch Golf Club
Scottsdale, AZ

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Golf is a game for life. For all of us that play it, it becomes part of our life in so many ways. It is the only sport that can continue teaching you life lessons regardless of your age. I’d like to take this last Arizona Golfer issue to highlight some the wonderful lessons I’ve learned through 35 years (and counting) of teaching golf. 

  Have fun. This one might seem obvious for most reading this but every week I see that die-hard golfer on the range or on the course who is upset at some part of their game.

  You’ll never know everything. The minute you think you know everything is the minute you miss the most important lesson of all.  Always be open to new ideas, technology or people in your golfing life but don’t be a struggling Tin Cup trying every which tip there is to find your game. Always go back to the basics.

  Learn to love the fundamentals. Grip, posture, alignment & ball position are basically the gospels of great golf.  Frame your practice around the fundamentals and never think you’re too good to practice these. Most of your practice at the range should be working on these things.

  Quality not quantity. Put mental effort into your practice and focus on feeling whatever it is that you’re working on in your golf swing.  10 shots with focus are better than 20 without.

  Don’t expect to play great without working on your short game.  The short game is really where you can become a great player. A lot of people spend time obsessing over a perfect swing with little care to the short game. Always beware of the guy who does nothing but hit wedges, pitches & chips.

  Give back. Always find ways to give back.  

Lastly, I’d like to share my most valuable insight from teaching. Teaching golf has become more about what I learn from the student than what the student learns from me. They are just as much a part of my learning process as I am to their learning process.  

P.S. I want to thank Nancy Howard for allowing me to be part of a great piece of media. I have been lucky enough to write for the publication since 1997. She is a Rockstar and the best thing about Nancy…IS SHE LOVES PEOPLE!

Follow Scott on Instagram @scottsackettgolf  Scott Sackett, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher the past 14 years. Voted as one of Golf Digest’s Best Teacher in the State the past 21 years. Trackman Master Instructor. Titleist Certified Club Fitter. Director of Instruction at Park Meadows CC in Park City, Utah and while in Scottsdale teaches private lessons at McCormick Ranch Golf Club. The Scott Sackett Signature Schools take place at SunRidge Canyon Golf Club. Email: scott@scottsackett.com | Site URL:  https://www.scottsackett.com.