Fun, Friends and Fast Golf. Celebrating 70 Years at Mesa Country Club

Mature trees, wall-to-wall grass and well-protected, fast-rolling greens create unique challenges for Mesa Country Club members.

For a club that has been a mainstay of the Valley since 1948, Mesa Country Club continues to find new ways to flourish. An outlier among the typical valley courses due to its hilly, parkland terrain, Mesa’s celebrating its 70th anniversary this year by doubling down on what they believe makes the club great – a fun atmosphere, friendly people, and fast-paced golf.

At the heart of the club is its exceptional Billy Bell-designed golf course, which has been continually updated in the past few years under the watchful eye of Gary Brawley Golf Design, with the goal of, reinstating Bell’s original design intent and shot values. The course plays up and down the city’s namesake mesa, giving it a surprising amount of elevation change. And the small, well-protected greens and narrow, turning fairways provide a surprising defense that the 6,900 or so yards on the scorecard might bely.

Yet, despite the course’s fair challenge and the club’s continued membership growth, rounds of four hours are considered long. Three hours and forty-five minutes is the standard, even though many members choose to walk.

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure if clubs like this even existed anymore,” said Chris Jones, the club’s new manager who arrived in early 2017. “We’ve got groups that tee off at 10:30 Saturday morning on our busiest days of the season, and they’re in the Member’s Grill having post-round lunch by 2:15. It’s amazing.”

Adding to its charm, Mesa Country Club is perhaps the most financially accessible of the classic clubs in town. Club members often talk about how affordability is fundamental to why the club has thrived for so long. 

 “There’s a reason I’ve been a member for a while now, and it’s not just the cold beer,” said member Matt Kolder. “The club delivers on so many levels. Great games among great people in a relaxed setting. And the initiation fee and dues are totally reasonable. Joining Mesa has been the best decision I’ve made.” 

Home to golfers of every ability, the club garners more than its fair share of accomplished players. Several are currently competitive on one of the professional tours, among them multiple PGA Tour Champions winner Michael Allen, PGA Tour member Brandon Harkins, and numerous and other international tour players. But the club’s culture is inclusive by nature.

“Any new member who wants to get in on a game will have no problem doing so. Our HP Scott Wright really knows the membership well and is happy to pair players and make introductions,” said Jones. “Understanding that it’s easy to get involved – coupled with our current membership incentives – really takes the stress out of joining.”

Located along the borders of Tempe and Scottsdale in northwest Mesa near the intersection of the 101 and 202 Loops, Mesa Country Club is easily accessible from downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arcadia or any city in the East Valley. Equity, Young Executive, Seasonal, and Social Members are currently being accepted, with information on the current membership incentives available online at