Longbow GolfBoards Surf the Desert Turf – “The Essence of Arizona Golf”

The Longbow GolfBoard rider enjoys the individual ride and a common experience with playing partners. It’s golf as we know it using a different vehicle for transportation to “Surf the Earth”. The game is the same!

Longbow Golf Club in Mesa is going longer on fun for everyone with Longbow GolfBoards.

This scenic track designed and updated by Ken Kavanaugh has always made the top listings of best courses, but now the experience is super enhanced. Sports360az.com CEO Brad Cesmat will attest as he took his wife for a round, both of them riding the Longbow GolfBoards instead of carts and declared, “It was life changing, golf changing, game changing. It enhanced our fun out on the course with the topography and views. It was a completely different experience. It’s a showstopper, really. Everyone stopped us to talk about it and everyone wants to try them, from 18-year olds to 68-year olds.”

Are you ever too old to try a Longbow GolfBoard? Of course not. Chris Rife, Regional Sales Manager for GolfBoard reports, “A lot of the golf course managers who have brought them on property are men over 70, like Bob.” Bob McNichols, General Manager of Longbow Golf Club shared that as many women as men and all age groups are registering for the Longbow GolfBoards, though minimum legal age for the rental agreement is 18. 

You don’t need to be a world class surfer to hop on the Longbow GolfBoard. No previous experience is necessary on skateboards, snowboards, or any board at all. Bob figured, “If I can ride them, anyone can.” The wide wheel base ensures stability and the platform is large enough, so you can move back and forth while in motion. First time surfers watch a 7-minute training video, sign the online waiver, make a practice test run beside the driving range and voila, they’re hooked. One thumb control of acceleration up to 13 mph is easy on the Longbow GolfBoard. Remove the thumb and dynamic braking stops the unit. Clubs mount up front. A cup holder is handy for hydration and a cooler on back for storage.  

Longbow Golf Club began with eight units, but demand was so high they quickly doubled down adding eight more. In fact, Jeff Dowell, President of GolfBoard shared, “Longbow Golf Club possesses the largest fleet in Arizona and as such is one of our coveted showcase courses offering 16 Longbow GolfBoards at their facility. Bob McNichols has done an excellent job co-branding with GolfBoard in their marketing and social media capturing the excitement and reach of a new audience interested in a new way to enjoy golf.”  

Bob actually coined the new brand name Longbow GolfBoard and every unit has that logo on the base. What he especially likes about Longbow GolfBoards is that, “It doesn’t change the game. There’s no soccer ball or frisbee involved. It’s not a bigger hole and not played with glow in the dark golf balls. No lights, bells or whistles. It’s not a gimmick. It’s real golf using fun and efficient transportation for a single player.” 

Players enjoy a 360-degree open air vertical vantage point down the path, fairway and beyond. They are more cognizant of surroundings, which at Longbow Golf Club is a stunning experience. Subtle complexities are more evident in the desert style layout weaving through saguaros, cacti, yucca and ocotillos with spectacular mountain views. Players drive directly to their ball in their own zone. Brad Cesmat noted that his ball might be over by a bunker when his wife might hit in another direction, so they each zip to strike their next shots separately and meet on the green. It makes golf more efficient, but the best part might be that it is free. 

Chris Rife says, “We see many golf courses that offer the GolfBoard and elect to charge rental fees in excess of their carts which can dissuade golfers from giving them a try in the first place. Bob’s approach is unique in that he sees the value of the Longbow GolfBoard in growing a customer base, which is a testament to his vision and desire to make the game a more enjoyable experience for golfers.” Longbow Golf Club offers two Card Memberships which include free use of the Longbow GolfBoard as availability permits. The Runway Cardmember is a free program with discounts on golf, points toward more golf and free use of the Longbow GolfBoard. The Flight Cardmember is offered for purchase but gives the lowest rates, discounts on merchandise, points toward more golf, complimentary rounds and events and, of course, free use of the Longbow GolfBoard. Otherwise it would be a $25 rental fee to surf the desert turf but why would anyone at least not sign up for the free Runway Card? Details are online at www.longbowgolf.com or at 480.807.5400.

The Longbow GolfBoard offers physical benefits as well, from a great leg and core workout to improved coordination, balance and flexibility. The body stays warmed up and the mind engaged in between shots. The stand-up position is the way golf was meant to be played, not sitting down when the joints can stiffen. 

The Longbow GolfBoard begins a new chapter in the story of Longbow Golf Club, managed by OB Sports and this year celebrating the 20th Anniversary of “The Old Course.” Look for Longbow GolfBoard tournaments this summer and remember, any way you play or just to have lunch or drinks, The Grille at Longbow Golf Club is the perfect venue with an enormous patio viewing mountain ranges on all sides and the desert turf of Longbow Golf Club, “The Essence of Arizona Golf.”