High Heat 257+ 3-Trampoline Technology is a major game changer for amateur golfers


By Tony Leodora

The overwhelming vast majority of golfers closed their physics books in high school…and never looked back. Now, the high-tech approach to golf equipment is forcing them to revisit those days of physics class.

And the High Heat line of golf clubs is one of the main reasons.

Two years ago, for the first time the USGA permitted a conforming golf face to have a much higher “trampoline” effect (CT) in the large toe and heel areas – up to 275 CT for more distance compared to the 257 CT in the center of the face (the USGA calls the “Impact Area.”) 

High Heat golf clubs are designed for amateur golfers’ swing speeds and performance needs instead of the pros, with award-winning Center of Gravity that is 25% deeper and 18% lower than major brands. They have been named the “best” driver and metal woods in the industry for the past three years by several major media members. I have become one of the believers – simply because they were longer and straighter than the major brands. Dean Knuth, the inventor of the USGA Slope and Course Rating Systems was named the “Top Innovator of Golf Clubs” in the industry by Golf, Inc. Magazine.

Now this year Knuth Golf launched High Heat 257+, and it is the only brand that takes advantage of this new CT Rule change. It does so with three distinct and internal trampolines in the face design to achieve a CT higher than 257 CT in the toe and heel areas.

At the 2018 PGA Show, it was amazing to see the reaction to the new High Heat driver. Major media, PGA teaching pros and amateurs raved about High Heat 257+, as they achieved the same distance on toe and heel hits as their center hits.

For example, Gary Van Sickle of Morning Read said, “My biggest discovery at the PGA Show was High Heat 257+ with its dazzling novel 3 -Trampoline Technology that has more ball speed in the toe and heel areas than the sweet spot in the center of the face as permitted by the USGA 2016 CT Rule. The ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it. It feels like hitting a home run anywhere I hit it on the face.”

PGA Pro Allen Van Valkenburg remarked “High Heat 257+ is fantastic. My off-center misses have been phenomenal. Hitting it has been inspirational. Great clubs you can’t miss-hit.”

Barbara Gutstadt, founder of Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge said, “I love my High Heat clubs, but with the 257+ I can hit on the toe, the heel or the center of the face and get the same distance.”

It was impossible to disagree with the reviews of the High Heat 257+ line of clubs. With its 3-Trampoline Technology, amateurs will get increased distance on toe and heel hits with the feel of a center hit and more confidence. I had no reservations in calling High Heat the best driver and metal woods at the PGA Show. It continues to be the leading brand in properly addressing the hitting needs of the amateur golfer.

For a more expert view, Kay McMahon – a Hall of Fame LPGA Teacher – said, “High Heat 257+ is a major game changer for amateur golfers. It is the only brand that takes advantage of a new USGA Rule that permits a CT over 257 for more distance in the toe and heel areas, where amateurs on average hit 50 percent of the time. The significance of this benefit cannot be overstated. The 3-Trampoline Technology made the ‘best’ clubs for amateur golfers even better.”

Vic Williams, editor of Golf Tips had opportunity to play with High Heat 257+ after the PGA show. In his review, he pointed out “that amateurs historically lose 20-30 yards distance on toe and heel hits because of low CT and he too had similar experiences until he hit the High Heat 257+ driver and his off-center hits were exhilarating” so much so that in his concluding remarks he encouraged all amateurs to “go and buy High Heat 257+.”

There were not many media members at this year’s PGA Show who disagreed.

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