Tour Edge soaring to new heights on Tour and in market place

Hybrids and Iron-Woods are helping to lead the way for the 32-year-old company


If you are an avid golfer and follower of the professional golf tours, you’ve probably noticed that there is a ton of buzz circulating around the long-time golf manufacturer Tour Edge lately. This is a company that has always prided itself on offering the best performance and technology to price ratio in golf, leading Tour Edge to thrive in the current golf market conditions.

The 32-year old American owned and operated company is now defining their niche even more for each different product they offer. Their key to success has been offering a different club for every level of play, from their starter sets for beginner’s women, juniors and anyone looking for extreme value in their Bazooka line, to their mid-tier price point Hot Launch line that offers the same technology and performance as ultra-premium golf equipment but at half the cost to their high-end Tour preferred Exotics line, Tour Edge offers a little something for everyone. 

Their new Exotics CBX line is making headlines this year on the PGA Tour Champions. The company signed a staff of Exotics CBX hybrid players in 2018 that includes some of the best ever golfers in the world: Tom Lehman, Scott McCarron, Rocco Mediate, Fred Funk, Duffy Waldorf, Bart Bryant, Scott Dunlap and Tim Petrovic. 

All in all, Tour Edge has attracted over 40 different players to play their equipment on the PGA Tour Champions since they launched the Exotics CBX line to the tour. This has led to Exotics CBX ranking as the #1 hybrid model in play at the Senior PGA Championship and to a serious hot streak: 3 victories and 8-runner up finishes after 14 events played on PGA Tour Champions so far this year.

“These legends of the game choosing to play Exotics are on a blistering pace to start the season,” said Founder and President of Tour Edge David Glod. “The buzz these players have helped create has put Exotics CBX on the map as a top performer in the premium fairway wood and hybrid market.”

The buzz doesn’t stop at the Exotics CBX line. The new Exotics CBX Iron-Woods, a more iron-like hybrid that hybrid performance combined with the feel and workability of a traditional forged iron design, feature an extremely high MOI and a deeper CG due to its wider sole and a slightly heavier overall feel compared to other hollow irons on the market.

The Exotics CBX Iron-Wood has been in play by eight different players on the PGA Tours so far this season as more and more professionals are looking at hollow-body designs as an option to replace traditional long irons. 

It was recently reported in the bag of the winner of the United Leasing & Finance Championship winner on the Tour. 

The Exotics CBX iS (iron-wood set) is a revolutionary set that consists of all iron-woods; a hollow-body design combined with a traditional forged iron look and feel for golfers seeking next-level performance.

In the HL3 lineup, the driver and the fairway woods are available in two models, an off-set version designed to fight slicing and a cup face version designed for extreme power and control. There are two different types of hybrid clubs in the HL3 line that are selling like hot cakes for Tour Edge. The first is what is now considered a traditional hybrid. The HL3 hybrid comes in four different lofts and is designed to replace long irons 3 through 6-iron with greater distance and forgiveness properties. The other hybrid club in the HL3 line is the HL3 Iron-Wood, a best-seller for Tour Edge. 

The HL3 Iron-Wood is available in 12 different lofts designed to replace standard two-iron to lob wedge irons features is available individually or as a complete set.  

“The iron-wood has always been a best seller for Tour Edge,” said Executive Vice President of Tour Edge John Craig. “We were one of the first to ever make a hollow body iron like this and we have been able to perfect it over the years to the point where the HL3 is easily the best we’ve ever produced in a high-launch, long distance, maximum forgiveness club.”

Another iron set being affected by the growth of hybrid acceptance is the HL3 Triple combo set. This set includes two HL3 Hybrids, two HL3 Iron-Woods and three HL3 Irons; making the HL3 the most versatile set of irons on the market and a way to efficiently maximize your 

investment over buying the clubs individually. 

The other big focus that Tour Edge is investing into with HL3 is the custom fitting market. Their unprecedented 48 HOUR DELIVERY GUARANTEE all custom order HL3 clubs are guaranteed to be delivered within 48 hours!

Tour Edge has seen tens of thousands of golfers take advantage of their 48-hour guaranteed shipping so far this year, making it one of the most successful custom fitting initiatives ever implemented by a manufacturer. 

All Exotics and Hot Launch clubs are hand-built in the United States and every Tour Edge club comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day play guarantee. These are programs no one else in golf offers with their golf clubs. 

One thing is for sure, Tour Edge just does things differently from other club makers. 

Their commitment to making the best performing golf clubs for every player type is leading the way for them. The future certainly looks bright for Tour Edge based on their new product offerings for 2018 and beyond. 

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