Do You Have a Pre-Shot Check List? 

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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You should have a very simple check list of items you are reminding yourself of before you begin the swing. On this list should be Pre-Swing items to help with your posture, grip, aim, ball position, and alignment. This is a separate list from the In-Swing thoughts that will come after completing your set up. 

As you approach the ball and begin your setup, go through this short list of items for the pre-swing thoughts and then move into the in-swing thoughts to begin the swing. Do not over complicate this! Keep it Simple! Experiment with the keys that best improve your solidness of contact and desired ball flight. 

Some examples of pre-swing thoughts would be like this:
•  Weight balanced on the balls of my feet.
•  Weight slightly more on the back foot versus front foot.
•  Arms relaxed, hanging freely from the shoulders.
•  Grip, light in pressure and positioned correctly on the grip.
•  Good, athletic posture.
•  Body aimed properly in relation to the target.

Once you become familiar with your pre-swing keys, you will be able to reduce this list even further. Keep this list simple and key on items that help you feel comfortable over this shot.

Now that the pre-swing keys are completed, you will want a few swing keys for the golf swing.

In-swing thoughts would be something like this:
•  Weight shift, left foot, right foot.
•  Hold my finish.
•  Release the hands into the ball.
•  Take the club back on an inside path.
•  Swing on plane.

This list could go on and on, but keep it small. The point is to find a few simple keys or swing thoughts that allow you to focus on the positive points of your swing. You can change swing keys as you play different shots throughout the round. Keep it simple and program into your mind only positive thoughts, and picture great results.  

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