Consistency is the Key

Greg Ellis
Great Golf Academy
Goodyear, AZ

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The other day I was giving a golf lesson to one of my very good students and the discussion came up about his lack of consistency in hitting greens or the lack of hitting greens in regulation. We talked about ways to increase the percentage of greens hit and the best suggestion is to play a game on the practice tee that forces you to practice with a purpose.  

Practice the following and you will be hitting more greens and lowering your score:

  As always, start out your practice session by stretching and loosening up with a few wedge shots using 50% of your swing. Hit five to ten shots then hit a few full wedges. Check your grip, alignment, and setup to make sure your fundamentals are sound.

  If you are practicing at a practice area that has target greens at staggered distances, determine the distance to each green. Once you have determined the distances, choose the correct club to hit the ball at the closest target green. If the green is within 100 yards, hit shots to that green trying to hit 20 consecutive shots on the green. If you miss the green during that effort, start over until you hit twenty in a row on the green.

  After hitting that green, hit to about 130 yards to the green and knock 15 consecutive to that green.

  Next hit to 150-160 yards and knock 10 in a row on that target green. Remember, if you miss the green you must start over. Imagine the pressure as you approach your final shot. Can you feel your stomach knotting up?    

The greatest purpose of this practice session is to make you feel the pressure and that it really means something. Usually when people practice they do so without having a purpose in mind. This creates a result that now makes every shot count, just like when you are playing a round of golf. When I am preparing for an event, this is one of my drills that I use to get me ready. Try it. This sounds easier than actual reality. This is also a great way to practice with a partner and maybe have a wager or two. Most importantly, have fun. 

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