OB Sports announces new partnership arrangement at General Managers Conference

2011 OB Sports General Manager’s Conference Team

At the recent OB Sports General Managers Conference, the three principals of OB Sports announced a new partnership agreement. Orrin Vincent, Chairman and Founder of OB Sports, Phil Green, Chief Operating Officer, and C.A. Roberts, President, have restructured their previous agreement through an internal transaction that makes each of them equal equity partners in the firm.

“Phil and C.A. have been minority partners of mine for 10 years, and, together, we have achieved great success – even in these turbulent times,” says Vincent. “I have tremendous appreciation for their individual skills and talents, and also for their commitment to OB Sports and the game of golf. This new structure will help us tackle future goals and opportunities, not just for us but for the entire OB Sports team, even more effectively.”

OB Sports was founded by Vincent in 1972, and the company has been a prominent player in the golf course management industry since that time. Since 2000, Vincent, Green and Roberts have been partners in the firm, and have quietly grown from a portfolio of 5 management contracts to more than 30 today.

“We are proud of our slow but steady growth,” says Green. “While we are certainly in the business of managing golf courses, our primary goal is to help make our respective golf course owners successful. That may mean an improved bottom line, presenting a better product, or in some cases providing the key amenity to a resort or community. In today’s ever-changing market, we find ourselves working with banks and country club boards in addition to the developers and stand-alone owners.”

“One of the keys to our past and future success is the fact that OB Sports is a family,” says Roberts. “Our family includes our incredible corporate team, and it also includes the many talented and passionate team members working at our 30+ courses. We wanted our GM’s, for whom we have so much respect, to hear the message first so they could pass along the message to their respective teams that OB Sports is stronger than ever and positioned to be a major factor in the golf management industry for many years to come.”

The OB Sports GM Conference is an annual gathering, and allows the corporate team at OB Sports to present new initiatives and strategies for 2011, but it also presents an opportunity for collective idea sharing and networking.

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