Test results on the new Knuth Driver: Technology that makes a difference

By Doug Hoxeng, Ph.D.

The “triple trampoline” driver from Dean Knuth (16-year former USGA Senior Director) received high praise at this year’s PGA Show and from golf notables.

Three-time World Long Drive Champion Sean Fister said, “...If I’d have had this technology in my drivers when I was competing, I probably would’ve won a few more championships.” Kay McMahon, (Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher and developer of the “Golf 8.5” swing) called the new Knuth driver: “...a major game changer for amateur golfers.” 

Knuth Golf is the only manufacturer to take advantage of a recent USGA rule change permitting additional contact time, known as “characteristic time” (CT), on the club face’s toe and heel zones beyond the USGA’s center zone CT limit of 257 microseconds. Increased contact time creates a greater trampoline effect for more distance in the toe and heel areas, where amateurs frequently strike the golf ball.

We tested the Knuth driver’s “forgiveness” for off-center hits in the toe and heel areas using the Foresight “Quad” launch monitor which shows the exact contact point on the club face and resulting ball speed and distance. Low handicap golfer Pete Gitlin (6.4 index at Whirlwind Golf Club) participated with this reviewer in our testing. Center zone strikes were established as references for comparison to our off-center strikes. Here is what we discovered.

Forgiveness Results from Toe Zone Strikes – The Quad revealed that for a toe zone, mid-center, strike there were increases of 1.9 mph ball speed and 14 yards of carry yardage beyond the testing golfer’s center zone strike. 

For an extreme upper toe strike, 93% of ball speed and 86% of carry were retained. Note that this strike was 1.85” from center and almost off the club face. Golfers prone to strike the ball in the toe zone should realize similar benefits. 

Heel strikes greatly frustrate golfers with an “in to out” club path to impact, common to many lower handicap golfers.

For a low heel strike, the Knuth trampoline effect produced an increase of 1.2 mph ball speed and the same carry yardage as the golfer’s center strike. For an even wider heel zone, mid-center  strike, 98% ball speed and 95% carry yardage were retained. Golfers who strike the ball in the heel zone should realize similar benefits.

Based on our testing, the new Knuth driver provides significant forgiveness in both the toe and heel zones thereby creating a unique triple trampoline club face. All golfers should realize benefits similar to the results reported above. Golfers can easily test the Knuth driver for themselves via a 30-day money back guarantee (see www.KnuthGolf.com). Select “Arizona Golfer” when ordering to receive a 15% discount. 

Doug Hoxeng, Ph.D. is a golf industry consultant and contributor to the Arizona Golfer.